....Just a bunch of Mofos!

  ....just a bunch of Mofos!

Fact No.
Highly Interesting Mofomation
The Mofos were formed originally to only play one gig.   They played their first gig in January 2000 at Hoo village hall.  It was a 30th birthday party of a friend.

Lead vocalist Ian has the biggest wallet ……..its filled with year's worth of receipts!  Sounds like it needs a good spring clean!


Ex-Mofo & Lead guitarist Paul Shepheard always used to have a pre-gig poo. One time, before a xmas gig he went to the loo as normal and realised afterwards there was no toilet paper . 

He spent the next 10 minutes going through the contents of his wallet looking for receipts to wipe his bottom with. He’d been xmas shopping that day and had some difficult choices on which receipts to use, evaluating which items he thought may need to be returned.

Have you noticed that Mofos drummer John is left handed?
Ex-Mofo guitarist Steve is a legend.....no seriously he is.  'The Legend of The Piper'.  Steve was not only the oldest member of the band but also the most famous.  Checkout his bio page by clickingHERE.
Bass guitarist Andy likes to laminate things.  He's even been known to laminate set lists!
In the early days of The Mofos, they once played a gig at the Maidstone Barracks.  They forgot to turn up the front of house PA system for the whole of the first set, but nobody in the audience noticed!   What a bunch of Mofos!
Ian, Andy and John have all deputised for rival band Reptillia.  Checkout the Reptillia website HERE.
The band are not renowned for having trouble at their gigs, however once a massive fight kicked off between two girls in the audience.  The Police were called in.  The Mofos were playing 'I Predict A Riot' by The Kaiser Chiefs at the time.   How ironic is that!
The band played a wedding gig once where a group of wedding guest girls started to flash their boobs!  It was very off putting!  :)
The Mofos once did a gig at The Druid's Arms outside in the courtyard in the snow!
Ian once had a disciplinary at work for accidentally breaking wind in a colleagues face when he bent down to pick something up.
John the drummer regularly forgets to bring his kick-drum pedal to rehearsals.
Ian has a ridiculously long lead for his Marshall Foot Switch Pedal.  Every gig, he jokes with the band during setup when he retrieves the pedal from his 'Black Box' (singing "Right on Time") and then complains that the lead isn't long enough.   Seriously Ian, the band are getting fed up with that joke!
Most common saying during setup...."Has anyone got a spare Canon to Canon lead?".
Andy and John contribute backing singing for The Mofos.  Andy sings like a girl and often gets the high parts.
Andy and John wear IEMs (In-Ear Monitors) so they can hear what they are singing.....the idea being that they try to sing in tune (ha ha).....but they spend most of their time whispering obscenities in each other's ears through the IEMs and nobody ever notices.   How very immature!
Once at a gig, some bloke decided to storm the stage to have a go at Ian as the music was too loud for him....he tripped over the fold-back wedges, fell head first and banged his head on a wooden post and bared his bum to the audience who laughed....at the same time John leapt over his drum kit like a ninja to deal with the trouble, but the guy was so embarrassed he walked off stage and out of the venue.
Andy once had a dream that he got sacked from the band because he forgot to bring the Mofos Banner and hang it at rehearsal!
The band once played a 40th birthday party gig in Detling village hall.  There was food laid on and during their half-time break they ate far too much homemade 'Millionaires Shortcake'.  They spent the second half trying not to be sick.
Ian Ingles has broken more guitar strings in his lifetime than any other musician in history!
At a gig, Ian once overhead a guy talking at the bar during a break between sets.  He was being particularly mouthy and cocky, saying to his mates how crap the lead singer was and how much better he could sing.  

Ian was stewing about this and concocting a clever little plan.  During the second set, he announced to the audience what he'd overheard at the bar and proceeded to point out the guy in question and challenged him to come up and sing a track with the band so that the audience could judge his quality for themselves.

Egged on by his mates, the guy had no option but to accept the challenge.  Needless to say, he was a hopeless singer but the stunt proved highly entertaining for the audience.  The guy in question made a public apology to Ian and stated that he'd had too much to drink and was obviously behaving like a cock.  Everyone agreed!
John pulls the funniest faces when drumming.
Andy gets 'ice-cream' head sometimes when singing, particularly when singing high notes.
Lead vocalist Ian, always changes the words to a line in The Kaiser Chiefs song 'I Predict A Riot'.  The line "Walking in town is quite scary" always gets changed to the place where the boys are gigging that night......e.g. "Walking in Maidstone's quite scary".
Ian and ex-Mofo lead guitarist Paul always used to go for a kebab after every gig.  It became somewhat of a ritual until Paul left the band to pursue family commitments.  Ian is now known as 'Billy No Kebabs!'.
Both Andy and John played in the infamous band 'The Sweet Leaves' during the early 1990s. During this time, they played alongside, Kula Shaker, Travis, Catatonia, Ash and a host of other well known bands.  They were firmly established on the London circuit whilst under a management deal with One Little Indian Records.  Check out their bio profiles for more info by clicking HERE for Andy and/or HERE for John.
John is the shortest member of the band, whilst Ian is the tallest.
Ages of the band (without giving away the actual ages)....oldest to youngest: Striker, Blythe, Julio.
The boys once did a wedding gig at Tithe Barn in Lenham, Kent.  The owner of the ancient barn was so concerned about the volume she kept asking for the band to turn down as she feared the roof would blow off!   In the end, Ian literally whispered the vocals whilst the band simply mimed as though they were on Top of The Pops!
Despite playing for over a decade, the band have never had an argument.  They were so concerned at one point they kept trying to wind each other up to break the duck and have a fully blown argument, but it simply didn't work.
The band played a 40th birthday party gig in a village hall in Downswood once and the party girl managed to consume so much alcohol beforehand, she missed the whole event and spent the evening being sick in the toilets.
The Mofos played at the Maidstone Beer Festival one year at The Museum of Kent Life.  Shepheard Neame were supposed to provide a Dray for a stage, but never turned up.  The boys cobbled together some gazebos and played in the rain but ended up with rain water running down onto all their gear.  This is the real reason why Ian's hair always sticks up at the front as he suffered mild electrocution that day. 
Within the band's history there have been 4 marriages, 3 divorces, 11 children...wow!, that really is some going lads!
Occasionally the band have a 'band night out'.  Through-out their time together, they have never managed a night out where all members of the band have been able to make it.
Have you ever noticed that Ian and Andy always wink at each other during the band's rendition of 'Chelsea Dagger' by The Fratellis......weird!
The Mofos traditionally end their gigs with their version of 'Hate To Say I Told You So' by The Hives......but be warned, Ian tends to flex his vocals to the max for this, and it can be quite a shout he produces!.....he calls it his final mouth explosion!
During a gig at Bar Chocolate (Maidstone) once, Ian became very ill during the performance.  He ended up with a sickness and tummy bug and spent most of the gig trying not to poo his pants!
John was born in the 60's. Andy was born in the 70's and Ian the 80's.
Andy once got knocked down by a Dalmation and ended up stranded in a remote location on the South Downs, unable to move until he was rescued.
Ian starred on the TV program gameshow 'Deal or No Deal' dressed up as a clown.
At every gig, Ian impales John's set list on random objects.
When Ian and John first met, John hated Ian and like-wise, Ian thought John was a big-headed c*%t!
Ian is the band leader, Andy is the chief sound engineer and looks after band marketing, John is the events manager and chief tea maker.
Andy wears the skinniest Jeans, Ian and John have the same Adidas trainers and John wears the tightest fitting t-shirts (at one gig a guy asked Ian if John's shirt was sprayed on as it was so tight).
Ian has a nasty habit of farting into his microphone during set-up at gigs to see how loud it sounds through the PA system.
Two of the band members are Jaffas!
Drummer John has the loudest laugh in the band.
The Mofos rehearse in an old Lion's den enclosure which was part of an old private zoo.

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