....Just a bunch of Mofos!

  ....just a bunch of Mofos!

Ian David Ingles




Lead Vocals
Electric Lead Guitar


Gibson Studio Electric Guitar

Marshall Amp Rig

Other Bands
Ian Ingles - Acoustic Solo
The iBand - Acoustic Originals Trio
The Undercovers - Acoustic Covers Trio



The Black Crowes


'For Free' - Joni Mitchell



Food & Drink

Guinness, Kebabs

Dislikes Cucumber & Banana

Footie Teams

West Ham Utd,

Maidstone Utd



TV Programs

First Dates, Gogglebox,

The Undateables


Back To The Future (1 & 2)

Ian was a founding member of the band. Prior to The Mofos he played in numerous bands since the age of 15 including 'Run For Cover', 'Novacain Tongue' 'Barbeque Thing' and 'Vince Vortext & The Cucumbers'.

'Run For Cover' was Ian's first band (Blues Rock Band), formed in 1994. Ian sang lead vocals and was joined by Dave Maddocks on electric guitar, James Fosberry/Paul Birchmoore on lead guitar, Saul Watson on bass guitar and Bobby Langridge on drums.

Ian left the band after the majority wanted to pursue a different direction.  The three remaining members went on to form a band called 'Brother Jake' and played alongside Ian's next band 'Novacain Tongue' on their first gig.

Picture (left): Novocain Tongue. (Left-Right: Amanda Larkman, Andrew McCartney Donaldson, Ian Ingles, ex-Mofo Paul Shepheard & Mark Greenleaf.

Novacain Tongue formed towards the end of 1994 and lasted until the summer of 1995.  Another rock blues band with a 50/50 split between covers and original material.  The band was made of Ian (lead vocals), ex-Mofo Paul Shepheard (guitar), Andrew McCartney Donaldson (lead guitar), Amanda Larkman (bass guitar) and Mark Greenleaf (drums).

The band fell apart after an argument between Ian and Mark, although they made up since!   Ian then went solo for a couple of years doing gigs at The Ferryman Tavern, Drakes, The Hogs Head, Yorks and other pubs in Maidstone, Kent.

Ian's next band 'Barbeque Thing' was formed in 1998.  A line up of Ian "Robin Limelight" Ingles (lead vocals), James "Flobber" "Phil Allgaps" Fosberry (electric guitar), Bobby "Willy Everswing" Langridge (drums) and Tom "Lester Play" Langridge (bass guitar).

The band were very popular playing Indie Rock but split up shortly after the guitarist's girlfriend ran off with the bass player!

Picture (above-right): Barbeque Thing.  (Left-Right): James Fosberry, Ian Ingles, Bobby Langridge, Tom Langridge.

Ian joined 'Vince Vortex & The Cucumbers' in 1999 (Punk Rock band) and played along fellow Mofo legend Stephen Piper.  This was to last 6 years whilst also playing with The Mofos.  He played electric guitar but eventually chucked in the towel to focus more on The Mofos and his solo acoustic project.

Not only is Ian a solo acoustic artist, but also plays in an acoustic trio 'The iband' with fellow Mofos John and Andy.  The band write original material and are currently working in the studio producing an album.

With the same line-up the guys also play in an acoustic trio 'The Undercovers' where they play covers acoustically.

Picture (left): 'The iband' (Left-Right: John, Ian, Andy).

Picture (right): Ian playing for 'The iband' at the 'Quiet Riot' event (2014).

< BACK                 Click on the videos above to see Ian playing with 'The iband' on 'Live In The Living Room'.  Tracks: 'Mend A Friend' & 'Grace'

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