....Just a bunch of Mofos!

  ....just a bunch of Mofos!

John Hastings Strike




Drums, Percussion
Backing Vocals


Ddrum Gold Drums

Zildjan Cymbols

Vic Firth Sticks

Other Bands
The iBand 
Acoustic Originals Trio

The Undercovers
Acoustic Covers Trio



Deep Purple, Iron Maiden,
Haken, Biffy Clyro,

Foo Fighters, Karnivol,

80's - Spandau Ballet,

80's - Duran Duran


'Spirit of The Radio' - Rush


Gym, Stamford Bridge

Food & Drink

Diet Coke, Berry Bulmers, Jack Daniels & Diet Coke,

Shepheard's Pie,

Fish & Chips, Curry, Chinese

Footie Teams

Chelsea, Coventry City

Maidstone Utd



TV Programs

Sports Channels

The Discovery Channel


School of Rock

The Life of Brian

The Forty Year Old Virgin

Star Wars Films

Planet of The Apes

Saving Private Ryan

John was a founding member of the band. Prior to The Mofos he played for the infamous band 'The Sweet Leaves' with fellow Mofo Andy Blythe Ford during the early 1990's.

During his time with Andy playing in The Sweet Leaves, the originals band had a management deal with One Little Indian Records who had also signed Chumbawumba, Bjork and Luke Goss at the time.

The Sweet Leaves were regularly playing the London circuit alongside bands such as Travis, Kula Shaker, Catatonia, Ash, etc. at venues such as The Camden Monarch, Dublin Castle, Water Rats, Kensington Orange Club, Mean Fiddler, Kentish Town Forum etc.

Picture (above left): The Sweet Leaves Promo.  Line up (left - right) - Spencer Fabian, John Strike, Paul Putland, Andy Blythe Ford & James Passey

Picture (above right): The Sweet Leaves.  Line up (left - right) - John Strike, James Passey, Paul Putland, Andy Blythe Ford, Spencer Fabian

The band supplied original songs for an American film company to use on soundtracks.  Tracks were used for an American Documentary about the 'Green Turtle Bus' and for the film 'Tank Girl'.

Typical of the era, The Sweet Leaves also released a budget promotional video for one of their tracks 'Arrogance Personified', paid for by the record company....so if you want a good laugh, checkout the video opposite.

You can also listen to a handful of Sweet Leaves tracks below:

Do You Need A Reason
The Sweet Leaves
Goodtime Girl
The Sweet Leaves
The Sweet Leaves

John also plays in an acoustic trio 'The iband' with fellow Mofos Andy and Ian.  The band write original material and are currently working in the studio producing an album.

With the same line-up the guys also play in an acoustic trio 'The Undercovers' where they play covers acoustically.

Picture (left): 'The iband' (Left-Right: John, Ian, Andy).

Picture (right): John playing a cajon for 'The iband' at the 'Quiet Riot' event (2014).

< BACK               Click on the videos above to see John playing with 'The iband' on 'Live In The Living Room'.  Tracks: 'Mend A Friend' & 'Grace'

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