....Just a bunch of Mofos!

  ....just a bunch of Mofos!


The Music of Ian Ingles


Mofos lead singer, Ian Ingles is also a solo artist.  Ian has been playing solo acoustic gigs for many years in and around the Maidstone area playing pubs, events, weddings etc.

His sets normally consist of self-written material and pop cover songs.  Please check out Ian's webpage for further information, news and gig dates.

The iBand     http://www.theiband.co.uk/

Maidstone based acoustic vocal harmony trio playing a mix of pop covers and original material.

Three members of The Mofos (Ian, Andy & John) also play in The iBand.  The general aim of this trio was to keep it raw, acoustic and strongly laced with 3-part vocal harmonies.  The style they forged together developed through an organic process. 

The band are currently in the studio recording an album.

Peter Cook Photography      https://petercookphotos.com/

Peter Cook (PJ) has a real passion for photography. PJ has been photographing since 2000. Whilst it started out as a hobby and an excuse to get some fresh air it’s turned into much more.

PJ has done a wide range of event photography and studio work, as well as shots for magazines and social.  Images below were taken by Peter as part of a 'Rock Your Body' event at which The Mofos were lucky enough to perform.

Take the time to checkout PJ's website.  Great photography!

Mofos & Body Art images above courtesy of Peter Cook Photography    https://petercookphotos.com/

The Body Paint Project

This is a non profit organisation that brings artists, models and photographers together with a view to bringing body art to a wider audience.  

Check this out on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Body Art images above courtesy of Peter Cook Photography    https://petercookphotos.com/

Steve Lane Photography      http://stevelanephotography.net/

Steve Lane is a glamour and event photographer based in Maidstone, Kent. He has been taking pictures for more years than he cares to remember.

Working mainly from studios near Maidstone, on location or home shoots, Steve specializes in lingerie and glamour shoots, with either people he knows and who are willing to subject themselves to the strange surroundings of a photographic studio, or professional models who know what it's all about.

Steve also has a passion for taking photos of live bands and can often be seen at gigs around Maidstone.  The Mofos have used a handful of Steve's photos for their own marketing material and would like to credit Steve accordingly for this.  If you are in a band and are interested in some live photo shots, we would thoroughly recommend his services.


Please take the time to checkout Steve's webpage, however we should warn anyone that maybe easily offended that there are certain sections of the website that contain nudity :)

Mofos Images above courtesy of Steve Lane Photography    http://stevelanephotography.net/

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