....Just a bunch of Mofos!

  ....just a bunch of Mofos!

Stephen Reginald Piper (Past Band Member)




Electric Rhythm Guitar


Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar

Hi-Watt Amp Rig

Other Bands
Vince Vortex & The Cucumbers
Punk Rock Band



The Clash

The Sex Pistols


'Bitter Sweet Symphony' - The Verve



Food & Drink

Real Ale, Brandy & Coke


Footie Teams

Leeds Utd, Maidstone Utd


Green or White

TV Programs

Match of The Day, Doc Martin,

Ashes to Ashes, Life On Mars, David Attenborough


Lord of The Rings, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Boy With The Green Hair

Steve was a founding member of the band.   Steve is also a lead guitarist in Vince Vortex & The Cucumbers. 

The Cucumbers are a punk rock band with a large following in the Maidstone area of Kent.

Picture (left): Steve (far left) with 'Vince Vortex & The Cucumbers'.
Picture (right): Steve playing with The Krewmen.

Steve was the oldest member of The Mofos. Steve is most famous for a previous band role in The Krewmen during the late 1980s/ early 1990s.  The Krewmen were a Psychobilly band signed to 'Cherry Red Records' and had a huge global following.  The band released numerous albums and videos and toured the world.  They were particularly well known in the UK, US, Germany and Japan.

Pictures (above): Various posters and album covers from The Krewmen.

Steve initially was drafted in to play drums for The Krewmen, but later on progressed onto electric guitar.  One of The Krewmen's more well known tracks was ironically called 'Legend of The Piper'.  Rather fitting seeing as Shag is somewhat of a legend! 

                        Click on the videos above to see Steve on drums playing 'Legend of The Piper' and Steppin' Stone with The Krewmen.

Previous to this, Steve also played lead guitar in a band called 'Them Howlin' Horrors' between 1984 and 1986.  

The band were signed to Criminal Damage Records and released a 12" single (EP) called 'Dig Down Deeper' and an album '(Look Out! For) The Changing Tide.

At the time, the album scored 5 stars in Sounds magazine.

Pictures (right): 'Them Howlin' Horrors' EP & Album

< BACK                          Click on the 'Dig Down Deeper' album image above to listen to the track 'Wise Up Little Girl' from the album released in 1986.

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